Cubical Titan Egi

Been playing Final Fantasy XIV on Ultima Server. Probably the best MMORPG I’ve played so far.
A Titan Egi fanart.

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Atama / 頭 Prints

Atama ( あたま・頭 ) is a Japanese word which means head.
This manually printed illustration piece is a diagram for learning Japanese vocabularies of parts of the head.
The inspiration came from those illustrations that you often see inside biology books.
This piece teaches you essential words for daily use such as: dandruff (ふけ), pimples(ニキビ), and saliva (つば).
You might like this piece if you are studying Japanese or like just having Japanese texts sitting in your room.

Material :
Silkscreen for head illustration
Letterpress for Japanese and English texts
Seigwerk ink soybase
on Cob board 1.5mm
size : A4
Limited edition : 23 out of 50 (numbered and signed)

Price :
1000 円 (¥)
13 SGD
Rp 120.000,-
*price excluding shipping and bank transfer fee.
Comes with a free plastic frame for extra protection during delivery.

The profit of this piece will be used for the next series of our projects.
Please mail if you are interested or have any questions.

Thank you.




金沢+白川郷 / Kanazawa + Shirakawa-Go

Video compilation of trip to Kanazawa and Shirakawa-go


金沢+白川郷 / Kanazawa + Shirakawa-Go from ferdi trihadi on Vimeo.

広島 / Hiroshima

Video compilation of trip to Hiroshima, Japan

Hiroshima // 広島 from ferdi trihadi on Vimeo.

直島 / Naoshima

Video compilation of trip to Naoshima, Japan

直島旅行 / Naoshima Trip from ferdi trihadi on Vimeo.

Artlink Welcome Party

Artlink is a circle for International students to hang out with Japanese in Kyoto University of Art and Design.

iPhone 5 Mini Blackboard


Found out that you can draw the back part of iPhone5 and erase it easily with pencil. Its like having a mini blackboard all the time. Nice.

Japanese Notebook Cover


Been drawing this when class got boring.

TUBY : 01-30

Check out the site at

Introducing TUBY

Presentation at Pecha-Kucha Kyoto 2012.
Introducing the all new TUBY.